What a shambles this morning. I was late for the start of the conference because I got on the wrong train at Dalmuir. (In my defence, the LED sign on board the train said it was going to SECC until after the train started moving, then it announced it was going in the other direction!) So, 20 minutes late.

The boss got wi-fi access for me, but I couldn’t get it to work in time for the first few people who were interested. I had several people come and speak to me, two of whom were very interested indeed, so that was a good start. (Having to pay £9 an hour for internet access at a 21st Century conference is a bit embarrassing, by the way.) Then Vista decided to blue-screen on me, so I had to switch to XP at the last minute.

I missed Nicola Sturgeon’s speech because I was busy fixing the computer, and there was no sign of her walking around the posters as had been mooted. No doubt I’ll find out what people thought of the speech later. I’m absolutely sweltering. It’s pretty warm by Glasgow standards, but by Orkney standards it’s positively bleeding tropical!