Following the Glasgow conference, I was approached by Jordan Frank of Traction Software to work up my conference handout notes into a case study for the Intranet Journal. The result can be seen here. There have been quite a few subsequent pieces written about the case study, for example:’s-national-health-service-nhs-orkney/

As a result of this publicity, I have had some expressions of interest from other organisations, including one which intends to start a similar project very soon. As I suspected, a lot of people in the NHS (and elsewhere) are having the same sorts of problems which NHS Orkney have addressed with Traction and Newsgator. That confirmation has encouraged me to use this blog to start posting some of the things I learn, in the hope that kindred spirits out there will find something useful in my ramblings. I’ve also created a new Newsgator clippings feed, to which I will clip any relevant news items which turn up in my newsfeeds. The address of the newsfeed is: