This post by Confused of Calcutta echoes my rant here, I think.

Musing about “laziness”

I keep getting told that perception is everything. I don’t know about you, but I’m one of those guys who finds that statement puerile. It’s like telling me “Hypocrisy is OK, live with it”.

Not getting my drift? Let me take an example. “Laziness”. Some people get called lazy because you see them lounging around at work, chatting to people, occasionally even smiling. Dare I mention it, even laughing out loud. Some of these “lazy” people get a lot of “work” done, if you measure work in outcomes rather than in perceived effort.

Don’t believe me? Think about Thierry Henry on a bad day. Head-up footballer, wandering slothfully around with a minimum of effort, looking to all the world as if he wasn’t part of the game. Couldn’t care less. Then suddenly a couple of frenetic bursts, some incredible skill, and it’s 2-0 to his team.

Perception is not everything. Don’t let them kid you. Stay honest, with yourself and with those around you. Don’t get tangled up with the credit-stealers, concentrate on your outputs and outcomes.