This quote from Confused of Calcutta…

…how corporations now have people without the domain knowledge to make the decisions they are otherwise empowered to make.

The best way to predict the future is to prevent it

…made me think of this article I read ages ago (and have been unaable to track down after a cursory search) describing the reasons why senior managers find it so hard to manage IT resources. The basic thrust of the article was that non-IT managers do everything in their power to move IT out of their area of responsibility (often by outsourcing) in order to avoid having to make decisions outside of their domain. The NHS is a classic case of this, but I think it’s a dangerous approach: we’re putting more and more of our most fundamental tools (i.e. software) in the hands of private companies, yet we have the vast resources to build those tools ourselves (not to mention the absence of need for profit). So how can we help senior managers feel more comfortable working with IT projects…?