I completely agree with the extract from the review Weinberger quotes here. It is indeed a profound book, especially because – as he says – it looks beyond the business/economic/technical aspects of the web. Reading Everything Is Miscellanous was a truly revelatory experience for me. Maybe you need a bit of background in philosophy to really get his argument, I don’t know. But it certainly worked for me.

Howard Rheingold’s most excellent review

Pardon my self-puffery, but this means a lot to me. Howard Rheingold, who is way up on my list of Net heroes, picked his three favorite books of the year for strategy + business, the Booz Allen Hamilton magazine:

Of the three books, I believe David Weinberger’s is the standout; it is not just prescient and useful, but profound. Weinberger looks deep below the obviously lucrative business model of Internet search and sees how the ability to tag and search extends human knowledge the way mathematics and the alphabet did. Everything Is Miscellaneous is not just the best book on behavioral theory of 2007, it’s the best book I’ve read all year – a rare combination of important social science and business insight, and fun to read…

Thank you, Howard. [Tags: everything_is_miscellaneous howard_rheingold ]