The more I use it, the more I like Remember The Milk. I just discovered that I can get RTM integrated into my Google Mail page and that there are various useful ways in which Gmail and RTM interact. However, when I suggested to colleagues here that they might find RTM useful, they were concerned about confidentiality. This is a comment point of view expressed by healthcare workers: anything on the inside of the firewall is OK, anything on the outisde is a potential compromise to confidentiality. That’s a legitimate concern of course, and the usual response – look for a version which runs inside the firewall – is perfectly reasonable. But I’m worried that we’re throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Part of what makes RTM so useful is precisely the fact that it *is* outside the firewall, so having an “enterprise” version which runs inside is hobbling a great product. There are many other online services with similarly powerful features which are not used because they’re untrusted: Google Calendar, Twitter, Zoho, Evernote, etc. Somehow we need a way for a large organisation like the NHS to be able to *trust* a 3rd-party system like RTM to adequately secure their data. I wish I knew how we could make that happen. Any suggestions?