I’ve had a long-standing dilemma over how to setup my default email client. When I want to send a newsfeed item to someone from FeedDemon, or when I click on a mailto link, there’s about a 50/50 chance whether I’ll want to use Outlook or Google Mail: Outlook if it’s for a fellow @nhs.net user, Gmail if it’s one of the other professionals I keep in touch with (or sometimes family & friends). But Windows doesn’t let me choose. I have to make a permanent choice of whether to use Outlook or Gmail as my default MAPI/mailto client.

Today I found the answer. A program called Affixa installs itself as the default MAPI and mailto client. You can configure Affixa with your Google Mail account details (it also does Yahoo Mail). When you click on a mailto link or on “Send to…” in an application, Affixa pops up and asks you whether you want to use the local email client or Gmail. If you choose Gmail, it opens the web browser with a draft email created from the instructions in the mailto/MAPI command. If you choose the local email, it opens Outlook (or Thunderbird or whatever).

Affixa is not free, but by god it’s worth the £2/machine asking price!