I’m still happy with Affixa and have used it a great deal since I last mentioned it. I have one problem with it, which is that the MobileMe syncing app throws a repeated error when syncing. The error is “Either there is no default mail client or the current mail client cannot fulfill the messaging request. Please run Microsoft Office Outlook and set it as the default mail client.” I contacted the Affixa developer and he has been extremely helpful. There is no fix as yet, but he says he’s going to look into it. The good news is that the error seems to be completely benign – the sync completes successfully.

On the subject of MobileMe, I had a hard time getting Outlook to sync with both MobileMe and Exchange. I like to keep my day job and my private work/personal life stuff in separate calendars & contacts locations. The day job stuff is in Exchange, the other stuff in MobileMe. But of course once you turn on Exchange syncing, MobileMe refuses to sync to Outlook any more. Here is my solution, which works on all my computers (Outlook 2007 + XP, Vista or 7 RC), and was previously posted on the Apple forum:

Don’t know if this is an approach anyone else has used. I can simultaneously sync both my MobileMe and Exchange accounts to Outlook 2007 on my various PCs like so:

1. Start from a clean Outlook install with no mail profiles. Create a new profile e.g. for your mobileme IMAP account. (It doesn’t matter what it is since it won’t be actively used.)

2. Install MobileMe syncing applet and do the initial sync. The Outlook profile you created in step 1 should now have your MM contacts and calendars.

3. Create a new Outlook profile using the Mail control panel app, but this time configure it for your Exchange account. Set it to prompt you for a profile when you start up Outlook.

4. When you start Outlook, choose the Exchange account. Once you’re logged in and your folders are up to date, go to Tools > Accounts > Data files and add the data file for your profile created in step 1. (It will probably be Outlook.pst.) You can now see/search all your contacts and calendars, including overlaying the calendars. And syncing MM continues to work because the sync utility syncs to the .pst file, not the currently active profile!

Sorry if I’m pointing out the bleeding obvious, but I couldn’t see this solution anywhere else. I’ve tested it fairly thoroughly over the past 2 days – syncing back and forth between 2 PCs and my iPhone – and it seems to be a robust solution.