Reading my newsfeeds this morning, I came across an item on Teleread discussing the plight of traditional news-media post-Internet. As the article points out, this is a topic discussed many times. But after the BCS conference, I wondered if the following quote might also apply to eHealth in the NHS:

The way the culture has changed since the advent of the Internet. Most news media are still trying to be one-way, top-down information providers in a fully-interactive world. Today, people expect to share information, not be fed it. They expect to be listened to when they have knowledge and raise questions. They want news that connects with their lives and interests. They want control over their information. And they want connection—they give their trust to those they engage with—people who talk with them, listen and maintain a relationship. Link

Is that a crazy connection to make? Or is it a clue(-train) to how we could best “empower patients”…?