Here’s a wonderful article from a GP in the USA. [Discovered via @DrChrisPaton] He explains why doctors don’t like using EPRs. I recognise virtually all the arguments in there, and I completely agree with his conclusion that there are inevitable trade-offs: e.g. doctors making eye-contact with patients, but you can access the patient’s medical record from home at 2 in the morning. The last paragraph in particular reiterates the principle that we tried to follow in our development of an EPR here in Orkney: “the key to physician satisfaction is flexible software that does not dictate workflow choices. New software is not the goal; the goal is an information system with a good measure of flexibility”. I couldn’t agree more. And the following sentence seems like a timely warning to the NHSS when we are on the cusp of investing a lot of money in new infrastructure: “properly guarantee interoperability and avoid paradoxically funding software that is not only too expensive but that also create silos of proprietary isolation”.