This Washington Post article describes some of the problems clinicians have had with EPR deployment in the USA. In particular, I was struck by this statement from a doctor:

Last year, his department found that physicians spent nearly five of every 10 hours on a computer, he said. “I sit down and log on to a computer 60 times every shift. Physician productivity and satisfaction have fallen off a cliff.” Link.

I wonder how much of that 5 hours was spent logging in? Made me think of a previous post. Looking at the article as a whole, I find it astonishing that hospitals would rollout a new computer system with no dead-tree backup. A common misconception is that the IT implementers will assume that the clinicians, managers and admins already have established procedures and failover tactics; the clinicians et al will assume that the IT guys have already worked all this stuff out. And then when it breaks, IT blames the clinicians/management and everybody else blames IT!