I recently installed a new server for a client. They use Symantec Backup Exec 2010 as their backup solution. During the change to the new server, I moved the entire BE database over to the new server, so that I could avoid having to recreate all the backup routines. This worked fine until I attempted to run the LiveUpdate wizard. The wizard correctly identified and downloaded the required updates, but none of them installed. The Symantec KB advice was to re-register the msxml3.dll, which I did, but it made no difference, still the updates would not install. On checking the registry, I found the following error: “Product: Symantec Backup Exec — Eror 1606.Could not access network location \\oldservername\users\adminaccount\My Documents\.”  So there was some reference to the old server causing problems in the update process. I searched for and eliminated references to the old server in the registry: specifically there were some reference to the old documents folder in the user settings. I also removed the BEServer object from AD so that it would be recreated. (See KB document 230872.) I’ve no idea which of these actions fixed the problem, but updates have now started working – I suspect it was simply that the updates were trying to write temporary files into a My Docs folder which didn’t exist, and it used some other location after I deleted the broken reference in the registry. (If someone else has this problem, perhaps they could try these steps one at a time and tell me what the actual fix was and I’ll alter this post accordingly…)