I never thought the login screen for Windows XP was particularly good. But the Windows Vista login screen is just terrible! It’s fine if you’re using it as a home computer with a few users. But when it’s a domain computer, the login screen is horrible, for several reasons. Firstly, it’s extremely unintuitive – what the hell does Switch User mean when I haven’t logged in yet? Secondly, it makes me click twice to get to the stage of typing in my username. Thirdly, I have to know the name of my domain and the syntax for specifying domain\username because… Finally, my personal favourite, it defaults to the local PC name for the domain when you’re switching user. What on earth were Microsoft thinking when they decided that would be good idea? What possible scenario does this address? I thought they would surely fix this in the service pack, but no. In fact, this same functionality is still present in Windows 7. I actually really like many of the improvements in Vista and 7, but this “feature” is just baffling. Every time I see it, I am more amazed at how stupid it is. OK, rant over, just had to get that off my chest ;)