I went down a few blind alleys before making this work, but if you have a Snow Leopard DVD then the answer is pretty easy. The reason I’m documenting this is because there is such a variety of advice out there – I need to keep a reminder of the quickest solution for me.

  1. Right-click the Command Prompt icon and choose Run As Administrator.
  2. Change to your DVD drive with Boot Camp DVD in it, F: in my case.
  3. cd to Boot Camp\drivers\apple
  4. Run bootcamp64.msi – it will attempt to install all the drivers. [I did try to install just the keyboard driver, but the usual UK/US keys got swapped around.]
  5. Reboot. Afterwards, I found that one or two of my devices didn’t work (sound for example) – removing them from Device Manager and then scanning for hardware changes resolved those problems. [Obviously this could be risky – there is a chance that a system critical driver could get stuffed up and you won’t be able to boot.]

The keys all output the correct characters on the screen, i.e. the characters which the keys physically have on them! Media keys, eject button and sound controls work. (The sound buttons show the Apple volume icons on screen when used.) Brightness control does not work. Also the Apple Magic Mouse works OK, although it doesn’t seem to support gestures, which is a shame.

UPDATE 5th Sept 2011: The Apple software updater popped up today asking to upgrade a few things, and without thinking about I said “yes”. Unfortunately, one of the upgrades was Bootcamp 3.3 – after the reboot, some of the Apple keyboard keys stopped working. I downloaded the Bootcamp 3.3 installer from the Apple website and installed it – after the reboot, the keyboard worked OK again. I guess version 3.3 is a bit less fussy about what it’s installed on.