This is all over the internet of course. If you look past the more gossipy stuff about the various companies he’s worked for, there are two excellent points being made. Both those points have been hobby-horses of mine for at least 5 years.

First of all, “Accessibility has an evil twin” and it is Security (a great way to put it, and I intend to re-use that phrase in future). Many of the organisations that I deal with have security as their primary requirement, accessibility be damned. And that approach not only leads to unhappy staff/customers, it also means that the “official” route is never followed: users find their own way to do things which is pretty much guaranteed to be insecure and/or undermines data integrity.

Secondly, service-oriented architecture. I’ve been ranting about this ever since I joined the NHS in 2003. I think we are at last making progress in this area, and it will be interesting to see what happens over the next few years. It just seems so obvious and natural to me that everything should be served up as a service. The better the service APIs we offer to 3rd-party developers, the better/safer/more consistent our software will be. I guess it’s similar to the accessibility/security issue in that software engineers will find some (probably insecure/crappy) way around inadequacies in the service APIs, so those APIs really have to be better than “dogfood”.