David Rendall – Currently working as a programmer on the CO electronic patient record/care pathway system, based in Orkney. I have a degree in philosophy, believe it or not, and my background has included everything from programming housing statistics for central government to desktop publishing to network administration. I was inspired to start a project delivering blogs, wikis and newsfeeds mainly because I found newsfeeds saved me so much time and effort. The time I saved has been used to evangelise the use of these new technologies ;) I don’t have a lot of expertise in running a website though, and that’s why I asked my dear old friend Mark to help me put this site together.

– Currently, a freelance ICT consultant with 15+ years of public sector and commercial experience, specialising in conceptualisation, development and production of web sites, database/statistical information delivery systems and interactive Flash both online and offline with an emphasis on simplicity, functionality and accessibility. Well, thats the official blurb out of the way… I have known David since 1992 where we both worked in central government. I have a degree in economic history which is equally unrelated to my career! I have worked in London and Sydney, Australia. I’m also a recent devotee of the “one true path” that is blogs, wikis and newsfeeds… and in my spare time my pretensions to renaissance man status know no bounds… musician, artist, cartoonist, poet, songwriter, vespa scooter mechanic… available for weddings, bar mitvahs, parties etc.